Marianne Musgrove


Teachers’ notes

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Frieda Teachers’ Notes

Modern Map of Adelaide indicating key historic sites appearing in Frieda: A New Australian

Map of Adelaide with key historic sites

Historic Map of Unley area 1922 Unley Map 1922

(Reproduced with permission from the digitised edition of the Adelaide and Suburban Street Directory 1922 published by Archived Digital Books Australasia.)

The Beginner’s Guide to Revenge notes as PDF

Lucy the Lie Detector notes as Word document (5MB)

Lucy the Lie Detector notes as PDF

The Worry Tree notes as Word document (2.5MB)

The Worry Tree notes as PDF

Don’t Breathe a Word notes as PDF

Downloadable Worry Tree poster

Click Here to download The Worry Tree Poster
Click here for your Indonesian Worry Tree poster.