Marianne Musgrove


Top five tips for aspiring writers:

1. Let the creative part of your brain go crazy and leave the editing for later. Remember that the first draft is often hopeless. Even the best writers in the world produce terrible first drafts.

2. Keep pen and paper handy at all times. As soon as an idea pops into your head, write it down. It doesn’t matter where you are. If you’re at the movies, go into the loo and jot your idea down on a sheet of loo paper! I can assure you, by the time you get home, your fabulous idea will have disappeared, so don’t risk it.

3. Be brave. Let people read your work and listen to their feedback. Consider what they say but remember, it’s your story so only change the parts you truly believe need changing. You might like to join an online writing community too. You can remain anonymous so the embarrassment factor is greatly reduced.

4. If you have writer’s block, do something completely different such as painting, dancing or walking. I like to do a special kind of doodle called a zentangle. By focusing on something completely different, your subconscious is free to work on the story without any pressure.

5. If you want to be a writer, just know that you will get rejected a lot BUT don’t let that discourage you. If writing is your passion, keep at it until your stories find an audience.

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